A fruitful punch of

1.17x increase in ROI

Their Story

Flistaa brings the most loved Indian foods and beverages in the most convenient and hygienic form. Made with natural ingredients and without any compromise on health.

Their goal

While delivering a tasty and healthy drink, they wanted to
maintain a ROI of 2X and increase ROAS to 1.5

however there were challenges

Not being able to spend on their ads tactfully, they had a low ROAS and even lower AOV

Our Solution

We planned to increase the number of sachet and remove single products all together from the website, selling only combos.

And…it worked fruitfully.


Achieved 0.9 to 1.2 while maintaining break even.

Could have reached 1.4 but a shortage in stocks slowed down the journey.

Creatives used for the client

Team behind the success story